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If you are a vcs, micro or small organisation please get in touch for reduced rates



Sponsor a cabinet for a community in need for one year


Where will my cabinet be placed?

You sponsor a cabinet, we will give it a home in a library, community centre, sports hall or other public space in the community in one of Londons Boroughs.


Or alternatively, if you have permission for a place for it to be stationed or have a preference for it in a particular borough/area we can make this happen.



What am I paying for?


A year supply of sanitary products for the cabinet.

The cabinet, artwork, printwork, logos, managment of cabinets, replinishing of stock every two weeks. 


Can I choose my design?

You can choose up to 4  colours for the cabinet design or alternatively you can have our community artists do their thing 


Why should I support?

By you supporting  this project you are making a difference to girls and women in that local community by making sanitary products available and accesible to women and girls who would otherwise struggle to afford them. 


You will have your company logo and information on the cabinet. You can even name your cabinet. The name of the cabinet will be visible on print work and on our "Where to find a cabinet page?" on our website.


You recieve a sponsporship certificate.

You and your team can visit your cabinet as much as you like, you can physically see your sponsorship and the impact it is making. 





Sponsor a cabinet with fortnightly refills

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Should we not provide the cabinet  as agreed in the description section, you are entitled to a full refund.

    Please note it can take up to 6weeks for cabinet to be it it's new home.  

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