West London Community




7PM- 8:30PM



245 Hammersmith,

London, 245 Hammersmith Rd, London W6 8PW, UK


Why should I Join?

Our community choir is a warm and welcoming place that is open and inclusive to all, creating a strong sense of community. 

We welcome seasoned singers and those who don't sing at all who are unified together for their love of music and/or community. Our choir is a great way to learn new skills, meet others within the community or to drop in for a cheeky tea and coffee.

What happens at classes?

As well as having a chance to socialise and have fun,  with lots of amazing people from the community, you will also learn:

  • Breathing techniques to help us when singing

  • Short physical and fun exercises to help loosen ourselves /to be more relaxed before we sing

  • Finding out on how to use our voices /pitch 

  • Listening to individual voices and singing as a group

  • Build the confidence that will allow you to singing alone in front of others

  • Learning other techniques such as vocal scales and using letter vowels in our singing 

  • Learning to harmonise

  • Learning Dynamics (musical awareness /knowledge)

  • Understanding our voice

  • Being aware what's we drink is what's  good and bad for our voices

  • Simple group activity

  • Singing new songs 

  • Individual chooses songs and bring to classes to sing.

Who is our vocal teacher?

VANESSA PAYEN has taught for over 25 years and has also supported 2  X-Factor participants, right through to their auditions. She has trained at the Royal Board of the school of music. Vanessa has also taught church choirs, and has a long-standing working relationship, with teaching classes for children in Hammersmith & Fulham too. Vanessa works with a diverse range of people from all types of backgrounds ethnicities, age ranges and also offers 'one to one' teaching, as part of her vast experience.

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Who can Join?

Our choir is for anyone and everyone within the community aged 9 and over.

If you are under 11, you will need to be accompanied by an adult, for the whole duration of the session. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

  • Parents will not be able to leave their child in a class and leave the building. There is an area, where parents can watch, and light refreshments will be provided.  For health and safety reasons, we will make sure the area, where the class is taking place is free from any restrictions, so participants can move around freely.

  • You will be on your feet for the whole duration, of the class, so let us know if you are not able to stand for that length of time. Although chairs are provided in the area.

  • If there is anything that has not been covered, and we would need to know, before you attend a class. Please email us on the below contact email.


We have wheelchair access to the area, where classes are taking place. Lifts are located near the reception area and are easily accessible. If extra help is needed, please indicate by emailing us  beforehand at -

Other class information

Special performances

As part of the 'Singing Classes' we will be hosting a 'LIVE PERFORMANCE' for those of you, that would like to showcase your singing skills, that you have learned from attending the classes. You will develop CONFIDENCE throughout the singing classes and if you love to PERFORM, it would be great to see you singing with our singing group, with a song written in particular for the event!  We have decided to celebrate the diversity of voices in conjunction with the Queen's Jubilee, to be called, 'The celebration of Community Diversity and the Jubilee Holiday'​ which we feel is the perfect name to call our event.​

​We will also have a fantastic live band and other local artists (spoken word) hoping to perform on the day too.

​So if you are interested in taking part, please show your interest, by registering at one of the classes as soon as possible. Or you can email us, at

Live Performance