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Collages with Richa Vora

March 11th of this year. ‘ For the People from the People’ decided, due to the success of last year’s ‘ Celebration of Black Art’. That we would seek after, a different kind of artist, that could offer a different kind of art form. Collages was an interesting choice, as it was not the most popular, in terms of delivering to a local community, but boy! Were we wrong about that?

Richa Vora is a very talented artist, who has many styles under her belt, including working with watercolours. However, we opted for ‘ Collages’ as this was quite unique and from the body of her work and on the collages I had researched, I was intrigued and thought it would be a great art class to facilitate - and it was easy, to see why! Magazines, Newspapers, glue, and pens were all the perfect resources for collages and Richa’s teaching was second to none, when she took to explaining the fundamentals of the process, to our small group of eager creative ladies. “Let your minds take you on a journey,” she said. “ Simply, choose the colours and images you have in your mind and find them amongst the pictures, in the pages of the magazines and newspapers” The atmosphere was calm and peaceful, and everyone was so focused on the task at hand. We cut, tore, ripped, scrunched, pasted, glued coloured textures and shiny and matt surfaces. We decided upon happy, motivating music to create the right atmosphere and provided pastries and hot and cold refreshments to keep every on fed and watered. During this time, we were asked by the tutor to explain, why we had created the collages we created Richa Vora Class in Session

During this time, we were asked by the tutor to explain at the end of the session, why we had created the collages we did. We were not expecting that! (lol) Some of us were a bit nervous, but we rose to the challenge, and it was actually quite fun standing up and revealing our connection to our collages. Everyone had such deep and meaningful reasons for their choice of colours and pictorial representations, and it was a great way of finding out, a lot, about each other in this way. The end of the class had come much too quickly, and as we always do! A group picture was taken for capturing a wonderful memory and those, who had time to do, more than one collage, left happy, content, with a big smile on their faces. It is safe to say, that ‘For the People from the People’ are doing what we do best… serving our community well. Written by Petula Hippolyte

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