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Care Package Park Drop -Hammersmith & Fulham

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The weeks of planning to support families in need, was successfully managed and we utilised several outdoor spaces, to provide our unique delivery. We targeted our local parks, knowing that families frequented these spaces – children would be coming home from school and often, parents would pass through their local parks on route to home. We at ‘For the People from the People’ decided to use this as a way of reaching the most in need.

The ‘Food & Care Package’ idea was born out of necessity, and especially in most recent times, because of the lockdown, and knowing that certain families would be hit the hardest. This is what informed us to organise a plan of action. We would use donated funds and the help of the local community to support us, in reaching those most affected. We had a strategy in place of course! Parents could register online and would be given the location of the park we would be in, which included the time for collections. Families came and were welcomed by our friendly team and bags were filled to the brim, with foodstuff and household goods. The joy for us was in the giving, and we were happy to know that we were able to support those who needed it the most.

The realisation, of the impact, was humbling and most definitely empowering for us, as well as the families it was set up for. Some well-wishers even gave us tips for our next round. Some offered to get our details, so that they could also donate too.

There is no doubt that our presence was needed, and we will continue to serve the community in the best way possible.

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